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I’ve been using Coulis beard balm and beard oil for a little over a year now. I have a pretty thick, full beard that leans on the longer side. Previous products have left my beard feeling oily/greasy at first, and then dry in a couple hours. Coulis keeps my beard soft and vibrant all day. My favorite scent is the Cuban Tobacco & Rum followed by the Sandalwood & Patchouli. I think that I would like a leave-in conditioner or a balm with a little more hold.

- Denson Ligon
I love your products as well as your customer service. When I mentioned having eczema, you developed a balm and oil that was catered for me. I love the fact that your oil is light and not oily yet very lasting throughout the day, nor are the smells heavy. I’ve been using  it for about 2-3 years now. Just recently my mom, asked “what’s that smell” after giving her a hug and I replied, “that’s that Dixie Lake beard oil”! She said it smelled great! Thank you for your dedication in putting out a great product! I’d say a shampoo and conditioner line would make for great additions to your already wonderful products.

- Antwon Nixon
I have been a faithful user of Coulis from its birth! Prior to using these life saving products I was struggling with finding a product that gave my beard life. Most products I have tried did not smell well and did not give my beard the body it’s use too. Once I was matched with Coulis my beard and I was at peace! The compliments I have received from the smell to the shine is immeasurable! I refuse to use any other product and I am  excited to share what I’ve found in Coulis with others.  | From the Oil to the Balm I am over the moon! The only thing that would complete my beard is a Coulis Beard Wash!

- Byron Brunson
I've been using Coulis Beard Products for some odd years now. I must say Coulis is the best for my Beard. I have tried other brand Products & they just can't compare to COULIS!!! One thing I love about Coulis is that you don't have to worry about an oily mess after each use! I love the way it makes my beard & skin feel. I get compliments on my beard in & outside of my home. Don't let me start on the Coulis fragrance line...It is AMAZING! So many different Great Fragrances to choose from! I smoke Cigars & Coulis even have a tobacco sent that I wear when I'm smoking. How cool is that??? I would recommend Coulis Beard Products to anyone in the Beard Community.  More Apparel  - I would love to rock the Coulis Gear with my Beard.  

- Roger Baker
I've used Coulis Beard products for about a year. I have used the oils and balm.  It seems that when I use the oils regularly my beard is softer and more manageable. It also seems to help my skin as well. Also the scent is great (Cuban Tobacco Rum) and my wife loves it. I don't use the balm near as much. When I let my beard grow out its great for taming it down so it looks more groomed. Also, Coulis seems to be cheaper than most of the products on store shelves! Keep up the good work!

- Phil Dickerson
I end up having great beard days when I wear my Coulis beard products. Oil and Balm. I have a few of their scents and enjoy them all, but scent is subjective. These products make my beard more manageable for styling, but also give me the moisture I need to keep my beard feeling soft. I would recommend Coulis to anyone. As a matter of fact I already have recommended them to a few of my friends and they agree. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed. I would love to see a butter in the future.

- Jay Milburn
I have been using Coulis products for about five months. I was never into the “facial hair” phase so I never put anything on my facial hairs.  I heard of Coulis palm and oil from a family member and chose to try it. For a couple of months I noticed a slight difference. I then reached out to the owner and asked how to properly use the oil and balm. After learning how to properly use the balm and oil within a week, my wife noticed a difference in the feel of my beard. I even use it on my hair after I dress my facial hair. Thanks, Coulis for a wonderful product. | I would love to see a hair balm for wavers. I don’t mind being a test subject if need be.

- Roger Lee
I’ve been using Coulis products since day one. I was looking for beard balms and oils that weren’t just your run of the mill products, that made your beard shine. My beard before was thin, bristly, and patchy in places. Since using Coulis, my beard has never been in better shape, it’s now full, soft, and has a great sheen. With this product and the array of scents available, you don’t even have to wear cologne. Grade A product! Keep doing what you’re doing!

- Boris Rogers
This two products I've used from Coulis Co. has been phenomenal and I will continue to purchase for as long as GOD keeps me alive. I know Great thing are coming.....I have no ideas but I appreciate this COMPANY ideas to the FULLEST.

- Charlie Davis
I've been using the Coulis Beard Oil and Balm for 8 months. Before I started using the products my beard was transitioning to gray which gave my beard a very dry look and feel but from the first time I used them my beard felt and looked wife was all in the beard. What I love most about Coulis is that it doesn't leave me in a greasy mess but garnished, groomed and smelling fresh with the different aromas. I would encourage anyone who's sporting the dry look to look no further than Coulis Beard Co. I would love to see this product as clothing line.

- Richard Wright
I have had Coulis products for about 2 months now. Shawnry did a terrific job on his products. The oil has great ingredients which kept my skin and beard moisturize. The butter kept my beard soft. He did a great job on the scents. It lasted about 6 hrs in beard. I look for a minimum of 4 hrs. Shawnry is terrific at answering any questions you may have. I recommend the Mississippi Quarters and Blackbottom.

- Jose Ramos